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Test Screenings on Funny Or Die Show that 95% of the Voting Audience Find the Show FUNNY!

Target Audience 


As in every well produced TV series, 99 percent gang has been formulated to create an optimal opportunity to investors and advertisers to share in the profits.


Our concept and scripts are written with a composite attitude shared by many people today who are dissatisfied with the status quo in social and economic trends which effect the well being of the majority.


The basis of this can be qualified and quantified as follows:





> 40% Baby Boomers, 30% Generation-X, 30% Generation-Next (Y) and Millennials.


> All incomes, but with a much higher Spend Ratio in the lower income groups based on the Priority Factor.


> College Educated, (and/or) Well Read and Informed Urban and Suburban Dwellers.





> Progressive, Liberal, Intellectual and Creative. Interested in Politics, Social Issues, Health and Wellness.  


> Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability (LOHAS).


> Skews politically to the Left and tends to be cynical about government, Wall Street and the NWO.


> Cultural, Esoteric and with an interest in Cult and Abstract Subjects.


> See themselves as Individuals and are less likely to be family oriented.



Products that Target Audience are most likely to buy


> Technology products (relative to their age group).


> Health Food & Beverages, Drinks containing Alcohol & Caffeine.


> Travel and travel related products.


> Self Improvement and fitness products. 


> Fashion Lifestyle items (from A to Z relative to age group). 


For more details on how you can join our energy, contact Cynthia Webster at 310-745-4691


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