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Screwball comedy written & directed by Charles Pelletier and produced by Cynthia Webster
A merry band of misfits attempt to form 
a political underground financial re-distribution engine...  


in short they become crooks, and through a series of bold adventures,
attempt to swindle billionaires out their pocket change, to give away to the rest of us... the 99 percent!

Thomas Anawalt

as TIM a Carpenter and Wanna Be Rock Star Always Looking for Love.

Satchel André

as ROB, a Sharp Criminal Justice Graduate With Big Dreams & No Prospects.

C. Stephen Foster

as WALLY a Loveable Techno Geek Straight Out of a Mental Institution.

Charlotte Gulezian

as CHELSEA a New Age Bohemian Who Can't Decide on the Right Man.

Moronai Kanekoa

as MERRIT a Socially Minded Reject from the Military With a Heart.



"Series director Charles Pelletier has assembled a dynamic group of actors who are pushing the limits of his television story-telling.  Although it is a comedy, the story breaks out of the normal restraints of mainstream television by posing some sharp political and social questions. 


"Like if the economic situation gets really bad, and the government is incapable of  rectifying the huge wealth disparity, is it ok to just go after the uber rich, and steal their wealth for redistribution?  This is probably not something that’s going to be on NBC anytime soon, but addresses kind of a larger issue that has played out from other filmmakers: that of justice coming from the bottom of society. 


"Whether it’s the Clint Eastwood type character, or the lone vigilante against the mob, or the Japanese Blind Swordsman Zatoichi, this theme is a reflection of the angst of the masses.  In today’s society it is really in your face.  The bankers steal billions, yet not one goes to jail.  A black kid steals a cigarette and is gunned down by the cops.  Sometimes the people do take note.  This series explores those feelings of injustice that many have, only with a dark comedic outlook rather than gunfights and violence."  


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